You might not know Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter EVA’s name, but you’ve definitely heard her voice. What began as a joke audition to sing backing vocals for Solange has culminated into a flourishing music career all her own. Her raw talent behind a microphone has garnered her backing vocal credits for acts like Charli XCX and Blood Orange; hers is the sweet soprano in the hit song “Charcoal Baby.” In 2017, she released her debut EP Evergreen, which established her love of playful hooks and upbeat melodies. Her unique brand of bubbly, sexually empowered pop music encourages listeners to love themselves and their bodies, and like a millennial Madonna, she believes the best way to get over a heartbreak is to dance through it. Her newest release, “Honeycomb”, wonderfully showcases her silky smooth voice. Listen to EVA on Spotify here.

Her carefree, fun-loving music is perfect for the warm and vibrant atmosphere at Guadalupe Inn in Brooklyn. Join her for a special dinner performance as we begin our months long celebration of 10 years of The Wild Honey Pie, featuring three courses of delicious, authentic Mexican food and complimentary select cocktails from our friends at Partida Tequila. Made only from blue agave grown in the Tequila Valley, Partida Tequilastrikes the perfect balance between aromas and flavors. It has a rich, vivid taste with notes of citrus and cooked agave, plus a crystal-clear appearance that looks as fresh as it tastes. The perfect compliment to EVA’s bright, clear vocal stylings, Partida Tequila will keep the (dinner) party going into the night.

“Evergreen is ample evidence of all Eva has gleaned working alongside contemporary pop’s most progressive practitioners.” — i-D

“Ms. Tolkin is a nascent pop star and fashion plate who evokes early Madonna and the effervescent melodies of Robyn.” — The New York Times

“Eva Tolkin is delightfully go-with-the-flow, and the flow seems to be working in her favor.” — Office Magazine