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There is a familiarity and a sweetness to the ounce of rasp in Odetta Hartman's voice as she sings, “I don’t need nothing but a good glass of wine / To help me slow down the time I get to be with you.” Join The Wild Honey Pie at Guadalupe Inn Brooklyn on November 12, for an intimate evening of free-flowing drinks, Mexican food, good company and live music from a Welcome Campers alumni. On her records, Hartman constructs haunting sonic compositions using fragments of field recordings, but her live performances show traces of Jack White's Nashville obsession and Andrew Bird’s multi-instrumental virtuosity. Playing violin, guitar and banjo (sometimes over the course of a single song), she plays in a style owing as much to the early recordings of the 20th Century as to visions of what they might sound like in the 22nd.

"In a musical ecosystem where singular is overused and haunting is all but nauseating, Hartman and Inslee’s work here is deserving of such accolades. There is nothing quite else that ties together such imaginative incongruence with ease, a quilt of scraps that cannot be replicated. What should be a hot mess is a marvel, a constellation of sounds shining bright and mysterious." — Pitchfork

"She’s one of those artists that the second you lock into her world, it all kind of makes sense and it’s all-consuming and sonically just sounds brilliant." — BBC Radio 1

"Like so much of Odetta Hartman's music, [Old Rockhounds Never Die] draws from many styles and eras at once, while sounding like nothing and no one else." — NPR