The Bushwick Film Festival & Guadalupe Inn will celebrate a night of New York Filmmakers and the quirky, sweet, humorous, and sometimes flat-out weird stories they tell! For the evening, Guadalupe Inn will be serving Ivan Garciaโ€™s menu of modern Mexican affair with a Bushwick flair.


The Line-up of Filmmakers

Thru live action and animation, fictitious works and documentaries, this night of shorts from NYC Filmmakers explores the flurry of stories that exists all around us. A brief Q&A with the filmmakers will follow the screening.

  • Benjamin Shweky
  • Catherine Fordham
  • Will Mayo
  • Dionna McMillian
  • Michael Litwak
  • Liliana Tandon
  • Mark Perro & Brian Chillemi
  • Lana Boy & E. Berthelot
  • Morgan Miller

The seating at Guadalupe Inn is comprised of dinning tables; after purchasing tickets, please to let them know how many attendees are in your party so they can properly arrange your table.

Also, please note that there is a $15 food/drink minimum per person at the show