This Brooklyn hot spot has exactly two vegan option...THAT'S IT. But not for long :) The Guadalupe Inn is taking on a new persona and that persona is 100% plant-based!

On Thursday - November 9th at 7pm - right between Champs Diner and Bunna Cafe - you will find a new vegan menu hitting the streets of Brooklyn. 

If you've ever been to regular restaurant and wished that you could snap your fingers and have a full fledged vegan menu - then join us for our first Officially Veganized Brooklyn dinner!


1. The restaurant will practice being vegan for two weeks prior to their vegan takeover.

2. The omni-chef will have three rigorous days of vegan training with the V-chef (Tere Fox) to ensure they fully understand how to veganize all the major omni foods. 

3. Only vegan food will be made in the kitchen on the night of the takeover. Deliveries will be turned off. Kitchen will be sanitized. 

4. The wine and drink menu will be currated to include only vegan options.

5. The restaurant will add more vegan options to their current daily repetiore as part of the deal in working with Veganizer.

6. The front of house and back of house will have gone through a Vegan 101 training and a cross-contamination master classes with a resident vegan. 

7. The menu will literally be the same as it is any other night, except veganized. 

8. The ticket purchase only includes a seat. We prep food according to the headcount. 

9. Because we prep food based on a headcount, we purchase food under the assumption tht you're going to eat it. Therefore, we do not do refunds. Anyone who requests a refund will have their money sent to an animal sanctuary. 

10. Food is purchased a la carte. Pricing will be similiar to their current dishes. If a beef item is replaced with seitan - that price will be lowered, but if a dairy item is replaced with cashews, that item may go up by a dollar or two. 

11. Once you by a ticket, you're seat is guarenteed and you can come anytime between 7pm-11pm, however, if you have a big party (4 or more) we recommend you also call ahead and make a reservation so that in the midst of the rush, we save a table for you. 

12. Singles and solos welcome! There will be plenty of open seating for mixing and mingling. Don't be shy. 

13. Be ready to pay people back with venmo or cash. Ticket splitting will be reasonably limited. 

14. If the event is sold out, there will be a waitlist and we'll let you know 24 hours before the event if you're able to get in. Otherwise, you can try coming after 8:30 with the rush has died down and you'll most likely get a seat!

For more questions! Go to www.theveganizers.com